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Veteran’s Golf

Welcome to Barbara Golf Club where we have been open for 92 years since being founded in 1924! We are located in the beautiful east area of the Queensland Pacific shoreline surrounded by the warm friendly waters of Australia. We are a group of fine and friendly avid golfers that have a great passion for the sport of golf. Join us for a lovely social afternoon at our luscious and favorite 18-holed destination where we tee off our golf clubs with endless views of the gorgeous azure ocean. Later, relax in our clubhouse with a mug of cold chilled beer and a hot meal as we enjoy each other’s company during the picturesque sunset. Our dining services are open 6 days a week for lunch and dinner.

Please refer to our membership section for more information on our membership fees that include both individual and corporate choices. We accompany golfers of all ages that include juniors, women’s, men’s and veteran’s divisions. We also host weddings, conferences, and other events, so please refer to our team for more information if you are considering on hosting a future event.

We would love to introduce our members!

Don McKewen is our outstanding leader and president, you may contact him at

Val Bazley is our golf administrator,

Phil Curd is our club professional,

Pat McKewen is our Club Captain,

Our Board of Directors consists of

Chris Wake

Ian Smallwood

Andrew Scherer

Warren Jennings

We also have a page where we announce our monthly winners, for this month of April we have also included our 2016 Vets aged Champions who are:


Bargara Golf Club | Ladies Golf

Wendy Sturhold (1st Women’s division)

Penny Kent (Division 3 and aged 63-70 winner)

Molly Roberts (80+ aged winner)

Mike Hounslow 1st and 73-79 (Men’s division)

Chippy Smallwood (Daily division 3 winner)

We also post daily updates of all our winners on a monthly basis that include all our different tournaments. Please refer to our site for any additional information.

If you have any questions about our facility, please contact Maire Durnford who is our office manager at office