Presidents Newsletter March 2008

Hello Members,

Well we certainly have been lucky with the weather. The course is in magnificent condition and with the latest water allocations announced we are looking like keep the course in this condition for some time to come. The green staff and volunteers are certainly being kept busy keeping the course in pristine condition and without these volunteers we would be playing out of a lot more rough then we currently are.

While on the subject of course operations it is with regret that I announce the resignation of Bill Gelhaar from the Board of Directors. Over the past 5 years Bill has been our Greens Director and we thank Bill for the endless hours and contributions he has made to Bargara Golf Club. Bill will continue on with his role as Volunteer Coordinator on the course and I am sure his handicap will be going in a downward direction. The position of director usually comes with the added unwanted condition of your handicap going higher rather than lower. Best of luck Bill and thank you for your input over the past 5 years. In the near future the directors will fill the vacant Board Position temporarily until the next elections.

The development application has been lodged with council for the proposed development and we expect this process to take approximately 10 months. Over the next couple of months Bargara Golf Club and CABE will be holding a number of public consultation nights outlining the development and answering any questions that may arise. A separate presentation will be held for Golf Club members and all members will be advised of dates for these meetings. Please try to make the meetings as they will be detailed and informative.

As advised in the last newsletter Bargara Golf Club received a grant to extend the Dam on the 16th hole. Over the coming weeks this work will be started and we are looking forward to increasing our water storage capacity considerably. The large rock on the corner of the 14th hole will also be removed during the construction of dam. The dam will be approximately tripled in size and your patience while works are progressing would be greatly appreciated.

In early February an information night held at the club discussing the lagoons future was a great success. The night was attended by Federal and Local government representatives, Council Representatives and many members of the community. Dr Mark Bayley from Wetland Care Australia presented his report on the long term sustainability of the lagoon and from this meeting a committee will be appointed to investigate options to sustain the lagoon.

A number of new members have joined the club recently and we will be welcoming all new members to the club by holding a welcoming night twice a year on the 4th Monday of April and October. New members will be introduced to club captains, board members, General Manager and generally be made welcome at Bargara Golf Club. The member welcome packs have also been improved presenting a professional package to new members.

Early in 2006 the management committee started the process of preparing a strategic business plan for Bargara Golf Club in consultation with members. The plan is continuing to grow with the club and I would like to take this opportunity report on the progress made so far:

· Providing long term income streams for the club:

As stated above the DA application to develop the current clubhouse site has been lodged and the income streams will be considerable if the development is given the green light from government agencies. The sales revenue for the club is also increasing due to a number of changes (i.e. Caterers, new entertainment at the club, Better function coordination. Increased membership)

· Drought Proofing the Course:

Meetings have been conducted with council expressing our interest in receiving effluent water. Stage 1 in the process of receiving effluent water has begun with the golf club receiving a grant to enlarge dam on 16th hole and more grants will be applied for as they are available. An irrigation plan is also being prepared to allow the club to disperse the water when it becomes available. We need a detailed irrigation plan prepared to apply for more of the grants. We are also investigating other options that may be available to fund the irrigation system. The water committee has been a great success and we will continue to make inroads into drought proofing the course.

· Marketing and Membership Drives:

We are currently preparing membership and corporate membership packages that will be marketed in the lead up to membership renewals in July 08. Ben has also prepared new marketing material that will be distributed to all accommodation units at Bargara. New advertisements have also been placed with the local radio station. The new website is almost ready and we are looking forward to advising all members as soon as it is fully operational.

· Environment and Workplace health & safety:

The club now has an operational safety plan implemented and environment issues are being addressed. This is an ongoing project and the Workplace, Health and Safety plan will continue to grow with the club.

· Communication:

The formation of the Golf Committee has been a great success opening up lines of communication between all groups within the club. I hope this newsletter is also informative to all members and I will continue to write one every couple of months.

As further inroads are made I will keep you all informed via this newsletter.

Well that just about wraps up another newsletter and I hope everyone has the chance to go out and enjoy the course in such great condition.

Until next time,

Brett Hensler