Golf Resorts Offer the Perfect Wedding Venue


That special day when you say you do should be immaculately perfect. And nothing represent perfection like a clean, neat and scenic 18-hole golf course. More so, golf resort have been built to provide their members with all manner of amenities like five star hotel accommodation, swimming, spa and massage treatment, catering and food service, beach fronts and many more services and products. But when it comes to hosting weddings they are invented and dedicate resources to ensure couple get the best package for their money’s worth. Wedding planning, venue décor, food and drinks service, guest accommodation and many more. Taking all these in to consideration a couple could consider to have their special day in one of these top five golf resort for their wedding and wedding reception.

5. World Golf Hall of Fame, ST Augustine, Florida

As the home of all that is golf past, present and future. It provides stunning backdrops with its picturesque golf course and golden sunset providing unmatched beautiful and natural décor. With over 35,000 sq. feet of museum space and the additional venue spots. From the pool of unity to lakeside veranda, the Bob Hope Exhibit, Putting course, shell hall and trophy tower.

4. Celtic Manor Golf Resort, Newport, UK.

With one of the highest customer satisfaction review in the UK, the Celtic Manor provide enchanting back drops and lux grounds for all your wedding needs. The decision to hold your wedding on the resort could be informed by the affordable and five star accommodation, well maintained grounds, presence of world famous ballroom for the reception.

3. Bargara Golf Club Hospitality, Bargara, Queensland

More than anything else the Bargara is one of the most scenic and well developed golf course in Queensland, Australia. With a spectacular view of the Pacific, for those timeless photos. It provides you with an equipped event planner that coordinate with your own team to give that perfect day. Discounted packages are also provided to help customers access the best of Bargara Golf Club without the high cost implication.

2. Trump Turnberry, Luxury Collection Golf Resort, Turnberry, Scotland

Travelers have found that they went back to use the Trump Turnberry for a myriad of reasons, chief is to host their wedding and wedding receptions. That these world class golf resort is built for the leisure and relaxation of it clientele. That the grounds are beautiful, staff are exceptionally competent and the range of service for wedding hosting is wide to give guest ultimate satisfaction.

1. Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort, Limerick, Ireland

For that ultimate combination of enchanting medieval elegance of its castle to the consequently adventurous and specular golf course. It’s provide so many locations and spots for guests to be entertained and for couple to share their vows. The minstrel’s gallery for that awesome reception, to the all glorious night time reception and dancing at the walled gardens to the photo shoot in the Lebanese cedar tree and river. All these come together for the perfect combination to provide couple the excellent wedding and wedding reception venue.